Podcasting World Here I Am…

I have finally taken a plunge into the podcasting world! I have had previous experience with radio and newscasts so it seems natural to me to get into podcasting. I would be missing out, on something in life, if I didn’t seize every avenue to express myself and show the rest of the world who I am. Angelika’s Room is my forum to speak my mind on anything and everything. I speak on the issues or topics that grab my attention. My girl Stella Rae(@Spicy_StellaRae) joins me in the Girl Talk segment. Girl Talk is an open dialogue about sex and everything about sex…we hold nothing back!

Take off your shoes, relax your mind and listen to my podcast…..
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You can give feedback, leave comments and show ideas on the hotline 501.570.6832 or via email angelikasroom@gmail.com. Let me hear what you think!

Angelika’s Room…a girl, a mic and the voice that God gave her!


In The Mood

In the mood to touch, kiss, caress…No boundries, no restrictions…Just sit back, relax, let go…Once inside, I will show you how you drive me wild…The moans will intensify while your looking into my passion filled eyes…Shhhh only words I want to hear “Baby don’t stop”…Wait…Your rising, thrusting says it all…

Does It Matter?

Guy girl meet. Guy girl start to date. Then guy pops the question, “How many men have you been with?” If you are not prepared to handle the answer then don’t ask. I would advise you to just go ahead and assume that your mate is the best virgin ever! Wow…the way she gives head..AMAZING! Can’t believe she was born this way!

When I start dating someone, I expect my man to bring up my sexual past. It’s normal to be curious. It’s normal to want to know how many, before you, have made him/her say their name. I am a woman, who is comfortable and open with my sexuality. So the truth will be told. I am not ashamed with my past and that is what it is MY PAST.

When the question is answered, your mates reaction can tell you a lot. If your mate gets upset, can’t get over how many breasts you have touched(for guys of course) then this should throw up a red flag. If your mate was secure, confident with their self, with their own sexuality, then they would accept the answer and not get upset over something that happened before them. Right? Be careful. Dealing with an insecure mate is wreckless and unhealthy.

You have a past. I have a past. The past is what makes us who we are today. It makes us seasoned,  as I say. If your mate is magnificent, in the bed, and doesn’t need additional “training” or “instruction” then two thumbs up to their past. You get to reap the rewards in the future.

How do you feel about this subject? Give me your feedback. Don’t be shy….speak your mind!

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